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Ever wonder if Indian people go out to eat Indian food? My Hubs pretty much flat out refuses. Says if he wants Indian food he will go eat at his mom’s house. But, he will eat at Vijs. One of Vancouver best restaurants. Alas, Vijs usually has a 1.5-2 hour wait and it is a tiny bit spendy for the average foodie. Next best thing was there slightly more affordable casual joint next door called Rangoli. Now they have one upped the amazing-ness by adding a food truck to their repertoire. Vijs Railway Express was at the Vancouver Winter Farmer’s Market this weekend so naturally I HAD to eat there. Last time I had the chance at the summer Farmer’s Market, they did not have my favorite dish. The Cassava Fries. Never heard of cassava, neither had I under I started going to Vijs where they hand them out to the hungry masses sitting in the bar waiting for their tables. (Yes, free appies!!)  A root veggie that apparently makes fantastic fries.  When I saw that they had them on the truck, I was sooooo excited. Plus I knew the kid would hoover them down as well.

I decided to try the daily special too. Amristar squash and chickpeas with rice and naan. OMG. So good. The Kid even ate the special. Weird.

Vijs Food Truck

Full disclosure. There is dairy in the naan bread. Easy solution, don’t eat it. I let the Kid eat most of it. I may have had a tiny bite to taste it. I like the naan at the restaurants better, but he was in carby heaven. The fries were awesome and nicely spiced with a fantastic tomato chutney and the squash and chickpeas were amazing. It was the perfect cold day lunch.

The guy taking orders was also very friendly and super chatty and made waiting much more enjoyable.

Next week I’m hoping to try the vegan roasted banana ice cream from the Earnest Ice Cream Company. mmmmmmm