I’ve been home over a week now. I’m still dreaming of the food at Toronto’s Hogtown Vegan. I convinced the Hubs to go to a new Toronto vegan restaurant while we were both there (me for pleasure and him for business) recently. We got there a little late and there was a bit of a kerfuffle getting seated but we did get a table about ten minutes after we arrived. Let me be honest here, if you are the type of person who cannot stand the Toronto summer heat without AC this might be a place to visit in the spring, fall or winter. I however, enjoy the hot hot heat of summer in T.O and wasn’t too bothered by the lack of AC. But it was hot.

We ordered two appies to share (we were STARVING) and two entrees which we were going to share as well. Our appies too an hour. AN HOUR. The poor waitstaff were pretty horrified (as were we) and tried to assure us that there was a major issue in the kitchen and they were trying desperately to get everybody’s food out. As bad luck would have it, we were the last table seated of about 6 (there are only 10 or 12 tables in this little joint) and so we were waiting the longest. It was pretty awful. The food however was spectacular! And they comped up most of the bill as there were a few other issues as well. None of which take away from the fact that the food was awesome and they did everything right trying to make it up to us. I can’t wait to visit again. I almost want to travel back just to eat there again!! Here’s what we had:

hogtown vegan taco salad

Yummiest taco salad ever. EVER.

hogtown vegan unchicken and waffles

These little beauties were exactly how I remember buffalo chicken wings tasting. Delish.

Hogtown vegan Philly cheese steak

The fries were just fries but the “steak” in this was amazing. So thin and tasty! NO idea what the real thing tastes like but I’m SURE this is better. Plus they make their own cheese sauce and I generally hate any fake cheese product and this was awesome.

Hogtown vegan Philly cheese steak

The winner of the evening. Sadly they were out of the collards and the mash was cold but the dish was still the best. The Hubs said he would eat it again for sure.

Check out the Hogtown Vegan if you live in T.O or will be in the area, you will dig the food for sure.