So I had one of those unfortunate incidents where I was thrilled to try a new product (vegan and gluten free parokas!) from a local company called Kans Gourmet Foods that I found in our local grocery store’s freezer section but had a MAJOR issue with the food. I won’t get into the details but needless to say, I immediately contacted the company to voice my displeasure. The first response back from a staff member was NOT acceptable and so I escalated the matter to the owner. The owner was VERY quick to make matters right and the next day a box of food was sitting at my front door!! It had the infamous pakoras inside, but also one of each of their other three products. All vegan, and three of which were gluten free as well! Samosas (not GF), a lentil falafel (not really falafel in flavour but maybe in texture) and a dal.

I invited my BFF over for dinner and made a feast!

kans gourmet

You may also notice that I did make my Mother In Laws super yummy cauliflower and potato dish! It wasn’t even remotely as good as hers. Lesson learned. Just let Indian people make me Indian food. OR buy it frozen!

The Hubs also ate with us and we each had a different favorite. The food was great and the tamarind date dipping sauce was good enough to drink. I would 100% for sure buy these little guys for a dinner party to serve as appies or honestly, I would eat a whole box of either the pakoras or falafels as dinner. The price point was decent for the amount of food you get and since it’s made locally here in the Lower Mainland of BC, I feel good about supporting a neighbour. Keep an eye out for them if you live around here or at a Whole Foods in the Pacific Northwest.

The only tip I would give is that the cooking time provided on the box is horribly inaccurate. I cook everything for 20 minutes or longer, otherwise they are stone cold in the middle when you take them out. Try 10 minutes, flip, then more. That should pretty much do it for any of the items that are baked. Serve the dal with a nice basmati rice and you’re all set!!!