beyond meatKinda looks like a chicken Fajita right?? Okay so maybe real chicken doesn’t come in rectangle strips, but still. Pretty close I think!

I’ve been hearing about Beyond Meat for ages now. They managed to get a few of the Twitter guys to back the product and since then the media attention has been pretty impressive. It took a really long time (IMO) for the product to hit the shelves and here in The Lower Mainland the only place I have seen it is in the prepared food case in Whole Foods. I really wanted to find it and try a few recipes for myself. Magically the Whole Foods just north of Seattle had the line in their fridge a few weeks ago and so I grabbed a package of the lightly seasoned variety and whisked it home to make something.

That something turned out to be fajitas at which point I realized I really should have bought the southwestern flavoured variety. FAIL. Anyways, the Kid and the Hubs ate it and I learned that making your own fajita spice is super easy! Beware of commercially produced mixes, the ones I had listed sulfates right in the ingredient list. Ew.

I think it was a good product and a bit more substantial than some of the other faux chicken products on the market. I don’t know if I would rush back to buy it, but if my local WF’s starts to carry it up here I would try the other flavours. I think chicken fingers would be my next attempt.

It is however a good source of protein and non GMO and of course, not MEAT. So there’s that….and yes, that one shown above has cheese on it. The Kid won’t give up the damn cheese. Sigh.