So do you remember these little beauties?? I decided to try them again. And they were pretty great! I think they needed another two minutes in the oven, but otherwise, a MAJOR improvement! I did however have about 2 cookies worth of extra batter and couldn’t be bothered to keep the oven heated for just two cookies. So, since I’m SO smart, I froze the left over dough in a tiny log and then chopped it up and tossed it into my favorite vegan coconut ice cream (which I bought of course, but if you are way more motivated than me, make your own!). Looky!!

cookie dough ice cream

Realistically, the ice cream was just a bonus. I would have just eaten the dough. It was super good. I think for my next magic trick I’m going to use it as a crust for a vegan ice cream cake. Stay tuned!!!