On our trip to San Diego the Kids were being pretty good and we promised them Ice Cream. It so happened that there was a Sub Zero in the plaza where Native Foods is. You can read my review on Native Foods here. We had never heard of Sub Zero but when I read that the ice creams were made with liquid nitrogen my nerd alert started blaring and I knew we had to check it out.

I was thrilled to find out that at Sub Zero you pick a “base” which would be milk, cream, custard etc or soy milk, almond milk or coconut milk!! Vegan options!? Hurrah!!!! You then pick a flavoring (I went for pineapple) and then a mix-in item or two (or however many you want I suppose) and I got large flakes of coconut. It was awesome! They toss everything into a metal bowl right in front of you and then use liquid nitrogen to instantaneously freeze the whole thing! I got a waffle cone and no, I didn’t ask if it was vegan. Fresh made waffle cones are my kryptonite. Sigh.

sub zero icecream

It was surprisingly creamy and very, very tasty! There were so many choices for flavors and mix-ins that there were probably hundreds of options. The Hubs and the Kid got chocolate concoctions and thought they were awesome. If you live in the San Diego area you should check these guys out!