Vegan friendly Disneyland? Oh yes. Yes!!

Now don’t get too excited. The vegan options are not exactly plentiful and widespread but they are there. It’s a good start and the park actually has a huge number of healthy options. Especially in the snack department. There are small snack shacks that have fresh fruit (apples, grapes, strawberries and mango spears) as well as giant pickles, apple chips and hummus/pretzel dippers. It was awesome to have those options available throughout both parks and we took advantage a number of times.

What about meals? Breakfast is easy. Downtown Disney has a Jamba Juice. Grab a smoothie and oatmeal made with soymilk. Of course, if you’re like us and cannot start a day without a coffee, there is a starbucks in California Adventure that offers soy milk and the coffee shop on Main Street near the entrance to Frontierland also had soy latte options. Can’t go wrong with a Mickey soft pretzel either.

As far as meals go, I had two absolutely delicious meals, one in each park. Carthay Circle in CA didn’t have anything vegan on the menu but were able to prepare me a lovely vegan tomato soup as a starter and an amazing (and crazy filling) portabello burger that was loaded with caramelized onions and sauteed mushrooms. It was super tasty and served with some awesome crispy french fries. The service was also outstanding. And all of our meals were fantastic there. They were even able to sub out the meat in the kids tacos for mushrooms and the server said it was a brilliant idea and would be suggesting it to others in the future. Ya. I’m awesome.

carthay circle vegan burger

The other amazing meal we had was in the Disneyland Park at Carnation Cafe. There we shared the deep fried pickles (and full disclosure, I’m not certain other things that contain meat were not fried in the same oil so if that’s important to you, ASK!) and the sauce was most likely NOT vegan, so be aware! They did however have a vegan burger on the menu that I have had before and LOVED. This time it was a bit salty which I did point out to the server. It was still good and I was still thrilled to have a fully vegan option right on the menu. Plus the Kid had the do it yourself PB and J sandwich which was shaped like a goldfish cracker and looked to be whole wheat and served with veggie sticks and fruit.

carnation cafe deep fried picklescarnation cafe vegan burger

I think this is your best bet for a quick(ish) table service dinner right in the park that has something for everybody. For a housemade vegan patty, you can’t really go wrong with this one. Plus, our friends Kid has a strawberry allergy and the chef actually came out to chat with us even though it wasn’t a problem or issue. Just standard practice. Well played Disney. Well played.