Have you ever had a meal and thought, okay, I could literally eat this every single day of my life. FOREVER.

I have been wanting to try Native Foods Cafe for a few years now. Every time I’m in L.A, traffic is so horrendous that I just don’t get there.  This trip I put my foot down and insisted that we eat dinner there. I dragged my family and our friends there and made them try something different so that I could try as many dishes as possible. As it turns out, what I picked for myself was literally the tastiest thing I have ever ordered at a restaurant. EVER. Plus, Native Foods is 100% vegan AND they make everything themselves! Everything! Not only was my dinner fan-freaking-tastic, but the dessert I chose was easily the yummiest vegan dessert I have ever had.

For dinner I got the Wild Jackelope BBQ Sandwich. Holy mother of god. It was so good. It’s quite rare to find jackfruit on a menu in these parts. This was by far the best preparation that I’ve ever had. It was perfectly cooked and had a hint of heat with a bit of a kick and worked perfectly with the slaw. I could have eaten two of them. This might be my last meal should I ever be in a position to require a last meal… (here’s hoping it doesn’t come to that….).

native foods jackelope sandwich

Our friends ordered the chili that came with cornbread that literally tasted like cake. Sweet, yummy cake. I would have eaten that for dessert. And they got a healthy tofu bowl that had asian flavours. They said everything they had was awesome. I concur.

native foods dinner

I hmmm’ed and haaaa’ed about dessert. The peanut butter parfait looked awesome but so did the oatmeal sandwich cookie. I asked the lovely young lady at the till and she said both are awesome and I decided since I was on vacation I could throw caution to the wind and get the cookie. I made the right decision. It was out of this world. The Hubs looked at me the next day (I ate it the next day while he was out doing something) and was horrified that I hadn’t shared with him. He got the tacos and LOVED them. So much so that he said he would have ordered another order if he were a bit hungrier. Win. YOU MUST GO. NOW. There are locations on both coasts now. I am hoping and praying every day that Seattle will host their next location. I will drive two hours. Every weekend. Seriously.