So a few years ago (when I still ate dairy) we had dinner at the Cheesecake factory. The Hubs and I wanted to share an appy (because their portion sizes are scaled towards football players clearly) and we picked the mushroom lettuce wraps. I thought I would easily reproduce them at home with the addition of some smoked tofu, because really, what isn’t made better by smoked tofu???

I had left over “Fu Sauce” that I used to make the scrambled tofu from the Cafe Flora cook book so I figured I would use what was left over from that. No sense wasting. The Hubs was ALL over these. It was our dinner. And South Beach friendly to boot.

vegan lettuce wrap

Don’t they look awesome!? They were SO yummy!!!

Here’s what you need:

1 head of iceberg or even romaine lettuce, cut in half and washed well

1 package of organic smoked tofu, cubed

3 large carrots, julienned

3-4 cups of mushrooms sliced. I think anything would have been great but I got crimini and oyster (mostly because that’s what my store had)

3 stalks of green onion, sliced small

1 cup of “Fu” sauce from the cafe flora cook book or any asian inspired sauce of your liking. Hoisin with some light soy, or some sesame oil with some tamari and garlic. The sky’s the limit here. Go nuts! I added sriracha as well because that’s how I roll.

Literally toss everybody into a large pan or wok and cook until the carrots are just cooked but still have some bite. Add the green onions and fill up your cups!

So good. Must eat. GO. Now.