Our last stop in Seattle was a place we happened to find in a magazine in Redmond, WA called the Pomegranate Bistro. The executive chef is a caterer and she opened up an awesome restaurant/food prep kitchen which makes for a very neat dining experience as you can see her catering facilities in behind the dining area. There seemed to be a nice bar area and take out area as well but we managed to call ahead and put our names down and really didn’t wait long at all for our table. The Kid had fallen asleep in the car away (urgh) so we weren’t really in a rush at that point.

What drew me to this place (since it was a good 15 minutes north of where we were staying) was that there was a vegan entree on the menu in addition to the regular meatatarian fare that the Hubs would gravitate towards. It was a vegan sausage with a veggie and bean ragu that was simply awesome. Pom Bistro vegan sausage and ragu

I also fell madly in love with the plates the kids meals were served on. There is a lot of research out there that suggests that if allowed to serve themselves, children will take far less food than when their parents serve them. Not a huge wonder why obesity is such a plague on North Americans really. Check out these plates and take note that it was a white pizza which was served with fruit, veggies and a very small cookie.

Pom Bistro kids mealNow I wouldn’t normally be too keen on the Kid eating what amounted to bread for dinner, but since we were on vacation I wasn’t too concerned. And honestly, I was just mesmerized by the plates. Most dinnerware for children is made of crappy plastic or melamine which is questionable IMO and these were ceramic. Naturally the first thing I did when I got home was find and order a set of two from a very cool website called uncommon goods. I am obsessed and sold a whole bunch of the Kid’s plates. How many plates does one child need anyways?

The desserts were also pretty awesome. I am 100% sure they had dairy. I made an exception on that one. They were pretty ridiculous and I hadn’t cheated at all so I let myself have that one.

Peanut butter and chocolate pot as well as bread pudding. YUM. If you are in this area, check this place out. If you are going to just be in the area, add it to your list of must eats!

Pom Bistro desserts