So it was my 30 something *cough cough* ish birthday last week and a very thoughtful friend got me some vegan salted chocolate caramels from a wicked vegan shop in New Westminster BC called Karmavore. I have never seen such a confection and I’m not going to lie, they were ridiculous. I have VERY super crazy sensitive teeth and they were actually hurting them a LOT but I just kept eating them. All six. In three days. They aren’t even in his photo because I ate them all before I even had the sense to take a photo. They were lovely looking. You’ll have to trust me on this one.

This company, Desiderio, makes all sorts of delicious sounding confections. See if you can find them. SO good. So so very good.

Desiderio vegan chocolates

If you are going to have a treat, why not have a fabulous, high quality amazingly delicious treat. Trust me, one or two is enough to feel satisfied. I guess I’ll be going to Karmavore soon….