I have had my fair share of vegan ice creams. I’m not going to lie. They usually have more of an ice taste than a cream taste. Molly Moon however knocked it out of park. I had heard that they have the most amazing ice creams and was really just hoping that they would have something vegan. Full disclosure, I probably would have just ordered a regular one. They looked SO good. I’m weak. But, they did have a vegan option! And to make it even better, they had vegan cold fudge sauce to go with it!!! The waffle cones were also fresh made on the spot and were just ridiculous. Not sure they were vegan mind you. I chose not to ask. The vegan flavour that was available was coconut chocolate chunk.

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This place is going into the roster of must hit spots in Seattle. They have a few locations too.

The Hubs got the “scout” mint (girl guide mint cookie) ice cream with a shot of hot fudge. I had a tiny taste. It was pretty ridiculous. We had a massive dinner that night too. It was pure gluttony. Pure bliss. Tee hee.