So I am the vegan who is a closet junk food junkie. Okay so maybe not so closeted. I love me some candy. I love me some cookies. I love me french fries. I eat a whole lotta fruit and veggies, but I would SO rather be eating junk food. Lucky for me, there is The Veggie Grill! They recently opened in Seattle (I have been to the location in Los Angeles) and I was NOT about to spend the weekend there and not have at least one meal. Vegan fast food is really my happy place.

We were in town and decided to stop in for lunch. I thought lunch was great but did have one minor issue with the Kid’s meal. The cookie that is offered with the meal was actually two Newman’s Own brand oreo type sandwich cookies. In the past he has been served an actual cookie. House made I assumed. So that was a bit of a bummer. Hoping it was just because they are still new and sorting things out. His meal was great though. “Chicken” fingers and sweet potato fries. Plus a drink that we all shared since it was self serve strawberry lemonade!

veggie grill kids meal

The Hubs and I polished off the rest of the fingers as the Kid only had one. He just wanted the cookies. Oh to be four…..

I got the Santa Fe crispy chick’n sandwich and it was great. The Hubs got the Crispy Chick’n plate. He liked it, but said he would just get the kid’s meal next time. Sigh. Oh well, at least he didn’t complain.

veggie grill santa fe sandwich

I’m already looking forward to going again in L.A in May. Yes, I plan my family vacations around my meals.

Yup….I sure do. Yum.