Let me first say that after this weekend, the Hubs and I have decided it’s time for a little South Beach Diet action. I do the version where I just stop eating processed carbs and sugar. Which is really the way I should just eat. Alas, since that is CLEARLY not the case, let me explain how amazing the food was in Seattle. There are no words. It’s really foodie heaven. And even vegan foodie heaven! My last posts from Seattle highlighted my favorite go to restaurant Cafe Flora. Naturally we ate there and this time went for brunch and since the Hubs was ALL over it, I thought I would share again! Let me begin with the vegan cinnamon bun. Oh yes. I said vegan cinnamon bun. The Kid kept opening his mouth and saying “ahhh” hoping I would feed him some of mine.

cafe flora vegan cinnamon bun

The frosting tasted like that stuff you get out of a tub at the grocery store. I would have eaten that stuff with a spoon back in the day. I am not going to lie, I would have eaten this stuff with a spoon too. I think my whole family would have. It was sooooo good. Notice how there is already a bite taken out. I couldn’t get the shot in fast enough!

I had the southern style tofu hash and the Kid had the kid’s version. The Hubs proceeded in eating half of it! He doesn’t even like tofu. So he claimed! Luckily I have the Cafe Flora cook book and will be making it for breakfast this weekend.

cafe flora tofu hash

The Hubs got the biscuits and gravy with a sunny side up egg. He was happy. I stole some of the biscuit and gravy just to taste and it was pretty good!

cafe flora biscuits and gravy

Overall, another fantastic meal at Cafe Flora. I think if I lived in Seattle I would just buy into this place and eat here every day. No…really….