As a little thank you to the BFF for babysitting the beast for us (the dog, not the Kid) I took her to a new vegetarian place here in Van city that was vegan and gf friendly. Perfect for our picky food demands. The Parker opened a little while ago and we have been meaning to give it a try so we headed out and we were very pleasantly surprised!

It was a tiny room but lucky for us, we did not have to wait for a table on a Wednesday evening.

They brought us a little amuse bouche of shaved beets and something else I can’t recall and it was lovely to look at and a perfect little bite.

Here’s what else we had and loved.

vegan gf bbq mushroom tacos vegan gf chickpea frites vegan gf dukka with taro chips vegan gf raw chocolate brownie

Bbq mushroom tacos, chickpea fries, Dukka with taro root chips and a raw chocolate brownie. All vegan and all gluten free!!!

My BFF loved the Dukka so much she had her own version a week or so ago. Check it out here. (Full disclosure, neither of us even knew what Dukka was! An amazing nut based middle eastern dip/spread as it turns out). We also had the kim chi which I quite enjoyed but she did not. To each their own right?

Give The Parker a try! Even your favorite carnivore will enjoy these dishes.