The Hubs LOVES to golf. Maui apparently has some of the most beautiful courses in the world. His favorite is The Plantation. They have a nice restaurant, The Plantation House, that has a ridiculous view. So we decided to come along and drop him off and have some lunch. That day I wasn’t starving so I decided to order the fruit platter and some of their banana bread. Firstly. Look at this fruit salad!!!

plantation house fruit salad

It was epic. It also had some sort of cinnamon dipping sauce with it. I had literally no idea what it was but I suspect it was a sweetened cream cheese or sour cream type of thing. I did taste it. Secondly, the banana bread was just that. Bananas. It was probably 75 percent butter and sugar but wow. It was pretty tasty. It was SO moist and it was served warm. Yum.

The Kid had my worst nightmare meal. White penne pasta with butter. EW. Why do places even put crap like that on the menu?? Just serve little versions of the adult meals for goodness sake. Sigh. It was the only veg option on the kids menu and I wasn’t especially keen on buying him a $14 adult entrée that he wasn’t going to eat. I would still go back for the view and honestly, that freaking banana bread. mmmmm banana bread……