Half (okay not half but like for sure a quarter) of the fun of traveling in the U.S for me is going to the grocery store. Maui is a mecca of veggie friendly and organic options. Whole Foods, Down to Earth, the Farmer’s Market. The list goes on and on. We always stop first and grab snacks and lunch stuff to take to our condo. I saw these little bad boys and knew the Kid would go gaga over them since anything chocolate is a treat in this house and only gets bust out for special occasions or when I am desperate for him to eat his dinner. We do the, one bite gets you one sip in this house. It works. Try it sometime.

so delicious choco coconut milk

While the single servings do create extra waste which is never ideal, we can never finish a big container of things like this. We just don’t use it enough. So on rare occasion and for a treat I am happy to purchase these types of single servings. I would also like to point out that these have WAY less sugar than traditional chocolate milk and I tasted one. It was good!!!  Another new product for me to search out when we drive down to Seattle next month. The list grows by the second…..