Honu sunset

Okay so maybe my tag line wasn’t as funny as it sounded in my head but trust me, the food (and the freaking view) at this place in Maui was out of this world. I was looking for something that had clearly vegan options (as there aren’t many) for dinner and I came across Honu. A vegan soup and a decent sounding veggie burger drew me in and a waterfront setting sealed the deal. The soup was quite nice and the veggie burger tasted faintly of falafel which is always a win in my books. The shoestring fries that came with my burger were a mix of potato and sweet potato which was a nice surprise and over all, it was a fabulous meal. On top of that, the Kid had a thin crust pizza that looked really good and the Hubs thought his tuna bruchetta was one of the best things he ate on the whole trip. He liked the other items he had as well. Mussels and fish and chips.

The kicker was that we were sitting AT the water’s edge. The setting was ridiculous. And on top of everything else, we saw two giant turtles about 15 feet away floating around in the water! Plus the sunset was beautiful. Amazing food and a fabulous view. Sounds like a keeper. Looking forward to trying their other spot, Ma’la next time we visit Maui. Also, they did have a vegan dessert when I looked online, but it wasn’t on the menu that day. Too bad as it sounded really good…

Honu vegan butternut soup

Honu veggie burger and fries

They also provided colouring for the Kid (huge plus in my books) and a toy turtle that he got to keep which was really very cute and a super nice touch! Family friendly and foodie friendly. Bliss.