Have you been to Hawaii? Add it to your list. Now. Quick. You MUST go. Full disclosure, I have only ever been to Maui. Three times now. Mostly because it is a beautiful, lush, and has Ah-Maz-Ing food. Further disclosure, I drop my veganism when we travel. I try. I really do. But I love me some shaved ice with a tiny scoop of coconut ice cream and pineapple mac nut pancakes with coconut syrup. I like coconut okay?
We love food. We love trying new restaurants. And Maui is the motherload.

Over the next week I will have posts about some of our favorites and some new spots that are now must eats.

Let me start with Leodas. We saw a review and then heard that the executive chef was none other than Sheldon Simeon, who is on this season of Top Chef Seattle on the Food Network. They had me at pie shop. But I’m going back for the really cool and totally different veggie burger or avocado and cucumber sandwich on house made rye. Then I will have some pie.

Take a look!

leodas veggie burger

House made veggie burger on a potato bun. Full of yummy veggie goodness. Most unique veggie burger I’ve had ever!

The kid got the grilled cheese. I admit it, it looked pretty good…

leodas grilled cheese

And last but not least, dessert. Apple handpie and chocolate macadamia nut pie. NOT vegan. Still good.

leodas apple hand pie leodas chocolate mac nut pie

The Hubs had a few of the savory handpies and wasn’t too thrilled. The next visit (yes we went more than once in a one week period….) he had the ahi tuna sandwich and LOVED it. They had amazing sandwich options. Vegan and veggie friendly. Desserts were clearly not vegan, but hey, it’s a vacation right???