I needed to get the kid a booster seat for the Hubs car since I’m sick of taking him everywhere. No…okay not really. Okay maybe a little….Anyways, so since we were venturing into Vancouver from the burbs I knew I wanted to hit up Tera V Burger. Vancouver’s answer to The Veggie Grill (my vegan happy place). I had been before with the Kid and my BFF but got one of those daily deals and figured it was time to use it! I got the BBQ tempeh burger on a gluten free bun and the baked sweet potato fries. I got the kid his own garden burger with “cheese” (it was an American slice of cheese, what we call a Kraft single slice, and may have in fact been a vegan one, but I hate them. Vegan or not. He was happy. Whatever) and regular fries. I should say that they make baked fries that taste deep fried. I have NO idea how they do it, but I should would like to know. Maybe one of those TFal deep fryers that only uses a tablespoon of oil???

Tera V Burger and Sweet Potato Fries

Ya I took a few bites before it occurred to me that I should snap a photo! I was hungry!! And it was really yummy!!!

My only criticism are that I like my food hotter than the surface of the sun and my fries were just warm. Perfect for the Kid but had I not been so hungry I would have asked for them to be reheated. It also takes an extraordinarily long time for the food to come out given the quick counter service style of restaurant. Hopefully it gets busier and that changes. Over all a BIG hit and I can’t wait to go back!!! Check them out if you are in the Vancouver area.