vegan fast foodSometimes I wished that places like Veggie Grill would just open in Canada. Sigh. I would almost drive to Seattle to get me some of that. Alas, we veggies have to fend for ourselves sometimes. And when you have an almost 4 year old boy and the Hubs is away and you just want something quick, where else would you turn? Veggie burger and fries of course!!
I like this burger because it is vegan and soy free. Plus it takes no time to cook. I put ours in the toaster. Yup, that’s right the toaster. LAZY.

Toss that bad boy in a whole grain bun and cook up some home baked fries (which he asks for on a daily basis) and corn on the cobb and you’re good to go. I shudder to think where we are getting fresh corn on the cobb from at this time of year….but I bought it anyways. If the kid requests veggies I run with it.