I always complain that there are so few great restaurants in Vancouver that have yummy options for both me and the meatatarian Hubs. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few. But just a few.
For the food Network fans out there, you may have watched Top Chef Canada and seen Trevor Bird (not the winner). He, along with another not winner Curtis Luk have opened Fable in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver. We had been for brunch but were itching to go for dinner as well.
As luck would have it, we had a dinner date with great friends who are very open minded and were keen to give it a go. Our restaurant week was on and many in the city were offering set course menus and Fable had one as well. Our table was split with the Hubs and my gf ordering off the special menu and me and her Hubs doing the a la carte option.
I got the roasted beet salad with puffed quinoa, the chickpea fritters and the gnocchi with mushrooms. I should say that I am not a fan of pasta and really not a fan of gnocchi but the very pleasant and knowledgeable server suggested I try it and that it was vegan. Wow. The salad was amazing. Who doesn’t love roasted beets right?? And the puffed quinoa was very neat an added a great texture. The fritters were amazing. But I did get it with the mayo as said pleasant server pointed out that the mayo was really a must have so I conceded. SO good. Actual whole chickpeas and beautifully spiced with some greens and yes, a very good mayo. The gnocchi was light and fluffy and the mushrooms were amazing. I finished every single bite.
The meatatarians also really loved what they had. Win Win!!
Try it out. You won’t be disappointed.

Fable beet salad

Fable chickpea fritters

Fable gnocchi

I know you can’t really see any of the food, but once I took a bite, it was gone too quickly. Yup. I hoovered it. Thanks Fable!!