The second best part of Black Friday shopping girl’s weekend is the food. Vancouver has some decent vegan options while eating out, but Seattle has tons of fabulous options. Too many to fit in in just one weekend. We always hit Cafe Flora (read my review before this post) and this year we decided to try a place that was new to us called Plum Bistro.

The 3 of us shared the Spicy Cajun Mac and Yease as well as the Maple Charred Brussel Sprouts. The BFF is gluten free so we went that direction with the mac. The taste was great but I prefer my food really hot. Like surface of the sun hot, and while I am fully aware that food should never be eaten super hot, that’s just me. So I would have loved for it to have been warmer. The sprouts were okay. Nothing special, but not bad either. The BFF had the gluten free Roasted Fall Root Pizza and she loved it. I must admit, it might have been the best GF pizza crust I have ever had. The other two of us had the Buffalo Portabello Burger and wow. It was like buffalo wings on a bun! Taste was amazing but sadly the french fries were a bit sad and limp and not hot or seasoned very well at all.

Over all, still a win. I would be happy to return and try some of their other offerings. Hey Vancouver!!?? Open places like this!!!!