Okay, it’s Halloween! And if you have rugrats like us, you have a grand total of 13.5 minutes to get home, make dinner and head out to trick or treat.

I have a solution. Make these!

FAST, easy and almost healthy. Plus they are just so freaking cute!

For the vegans in the crowd, Daiya would be a good choice in place of the cheese strings or your favorite cheese sub will do just fine. Since I wasn’t eating these, I caved and used the Kid’s Trader Joe’s Organic cheese strings.

Muffin Mummies

Whole wheat english muffins

Pizza or tomato sauce

Cheese strings or vegan substitute

Pimento stuffed olives (sliced thin for use as eyes)

Amounts will vary depending on how many of these little mummies you need. But this one is pretty straight forward!

Preheat oven to 350 0

Split the muffins in half and spread your sauce on each half. Pick apart your cheese and use as mummy cloth strips, or arrange your “cheese” for a similar effect. Add two eyes to each and place in oven until cheese has melted, approximately 6-8 minutes.

Serve warm.