Have you ever discovered a new and unbelievable new restaurant and been torn between telling absolutely everybody about it (because you think everybody deserves to try such fabulous food) and keeping your big fat mouth shut so that you don’t have to wait an hour for a table???

Alas, with such a shortage of great veggie restaurants in Vancouver (and almost none that have multiple vegan and gluten free options to boot!)  I felt it was my responsibility to share my experience at Heirloom Vegetarian.

Now, for the sake of total transparency, my husband does know the owner, they are friends in fact, but he too is a meatatarian who appreciates the importance of a plant based diet and saw the void in the Vancouver restaurant scene of restaurants with great veggie food.

So became Heirloom.

Creative, delicious and generous portions.

Check out what we sampled!

The “famous” (yes, they have only been open a few weeks but trust, these will be famous” Avocado Frites served with smoked tomato ketchup (but it tasted like marinara to me….). These beauties were vegan.


So yummy


Tagliatelli Pasta (so huge that the hubs took half home for dinner the next night!!) which was veg with lentils and amazing pasta but did have cheese. Could have asked without but hubs like cheese. So fine.


HUGE portion



And last but definitely not least, the Pumpkin Chai Mousse (totally vegan and totally amazing!). Also totally vegan.

I could have eaten three of these

We also tried the crispy chickpeas which were very good, the wild mushrooms in a coconut based sauce and served with walnut bread that was awesome and hubs tried the chocolate cake (which is vegan if you leave off the tiny canelle of goats cheese) which had a hint of cayenne and he was a huge fan.


If you are in the Vancouver area or live here, you must try this place. They are opening for lunch/brunch soon as well. I can’t wait to go back. Going to take the GF vegan-ish best friend next week for dinner. The hubs doesn’t often rave about veg restaurants but we found a winner!
Bon Appetite.